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Thanks for the clarification. Next time, I'll read a thread before I butt

By "default", I guess that means whatever the settings are when PS comes out
of the box. To me, that is like the "default" stations set on the radio of a
newly purchased car: they get changed so fast you never know or care what
they were.


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Keith Gerling wrote:
  Were you using GCR or
> UCR? It would make a big difference in how "sensible" it would look. I'm
> sorry if this has already been discussed.

The discussion was about the default Photoshop CMYK space, which uses
GCR, which alters color information more than UCR does; UCR removes
color only in neutral areas, whereas GCR removes color throughout the
image. The CMYK separations I showed were made from this default CMYK

> I would never suggest you change your procedure, but I have to say that my
> perception is entirely different. I "see" in CMYK, and the RGB-derived
> negatives always look strange to me.

Yes, you did miss something by not following the entire thread: I've
already said more than once that to those who are used to working in
CMYK, I'm sure the CMYK separations make sense in a way they don't make
sense to me, and that I am not saying that I think everyone should use
RGB. To quote myself: "I prefer the RGB negatives; others may prefer
CMYK; I don't think there's a right or wrong to this."
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