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From: Sandy King <>
Subject: RE: drinking in the darkroom
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 14:43:40 -0500

> If you must drink in the darkroom the best thing
> is good red wine. The only thing that I have
> every worked with in the darkroom that might be
> confused with red wine is potassium permanganate.

What about Kentucky rye whiskey or bourbon? This is because its
appearance does not matter as long as your olfaction functions
correctly. If nonalcoholic beverage is desired, lapsang souchong (a
smoked tea) is also unmistakable even in complete darkness. One
problem is that, being a cheap tea, lapsang souchong of sufficiently
high quality is rather hard to find (but it can be found in right

From: Bob Kiss <>
Subject: RE: drinking in the darkroom
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 17:46:26 -0400

> Hydroquinone was one of the phenols to which I had become sensitized
> due to build up in my liver and fatty tissues.

Unless you do classic lith development, hydroquinone is completely and
satisfactorily avoidable. Indeed, I don't use hydroquinone in my
darkroom except in lith developers. There is little need for metol

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