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If you must drink in the darkroom the best thing
is good red wine. The only thing that I have
every worked with in the darkroom that might be
confused with red wine is potassium permanganate.


>Good advice Bob. I wonder how many of us ever
>consider becoming so sensitized to
>photochemicals that we might be unable to
>continue darkroom work? I know I would miss the
>experience greatly. (And, I'd also be out of a
>I recently ordered a print from a photographer
>in Germany and was surprised to learn he will
>not be printing the image himself due to his
>cumulative sensitization to hydroquinone. Not a
>thing I want to deal with...
>>>> 11/02/04 10:21 AM >>>
>C'mon, people! I thought that is why we were taught lab procedure:
>1) Mix chems in chem beakers, etc. Do NOT use household glasses, cups, etc.
>2) Consume food & drinks from household glasses, cups, etc, NOT from beakers
>or other chem use items.
>is said that gun powder and alcohol don't mix...I think it is the same with
>darkroom chemistry. If you MUST break this rule, get two angle brackets,
>four screws and a small piece of plywood and put up a small "consumable"
>shelf on which goes ONLY drinks & food. Put it up high where it can just be
>reached but is very inconvenient and small enough so you will NOT consider
>resting chems on it but will remember that it is for food & drink only.
> You have been discussing the risks
>involved with consuming large quantities
>of chemicals. There are also risks involved with lower doses. I am living
>proof of years of medical treatment necessitated by silver and phenols in my
>liver. Don't forget that handling film and prints causes splashes and even
>a drop or two of some of our solutions into our cups and glasses or on our
>food will have deleterious effects over time.
> Food for thought? ;-))
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>Father of my friend once mistakely drank pure drain opening solution
>(=sole natrium hydrokside). It was botteled like any soda would. He
>survived but can t speak anymore.
>And he was man who knew his ways when working with dangerous chemicals.
>Íve once had a cup of coffee in the darkroom and had some used cups
>lying around filled with various developers. Lycky enough I smelled my
>"coffee" before tasting it.
>Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> Nope, it was potassium bichromate. I have the article from the BJP
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