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Thanks for the offer but no need to send a CD. Once home from work I
opened up Netscape 7 on my archaic 8600 PPC and was able to view the
site without any problem.

I'm really impressed and moved by most of the work. It is awesome. I
got hooked on gum after seeing some of Steichen's original work the Art
Institute of Chicago and several of your images strike me in the same
manner as his gum work.

What I particularly like about them is that you have captured a sense of
air in many of the images in addition to wonderful light effect. That's
one of the things I like about oil painting-painting the air-the
atmospheric perspective within a couple feet of space. And I think
you've accomplished a similar effect in many of the images. That's a
really rare thing in a photograph. Very well done.

Do you ever part with any of the prints and if so, how might an
individual acquire one?

Thanks for sharing these.


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Sorry! I've had three other reports that Explorer on a Mac doesn't
work. I
checked with my Mac beta tester, and was told that it worked fine with
Safari. If you like, you can send me your address offline and I'll ship
a CD.


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The work looks marvelous but I'm only able to see the indices and
thumbnails. I'm using Internet Explorer v5.2 for Mac on a G4 Titanium
Powerbook and OS10.2.8.


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A bit of self promotion:

I've added 40 new works to my website.

I've changed the format to (hopefully) make it more accessible to

Thanks for looking!

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