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Date: 11/01/04-07:01:32 PM Z
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FYI, Internet Explorer for the Mac has inconsistencies with their
implementation of cascading style sheets which causes problems across the
boards for IE 5.x for the Mac. Not much can be done about it short of
developing a whole other site due to Bill Gates' Mac apathy. There is no
plan to make that browser any more compliant with the WC3 standards,


>>Joe Smigiel wrote:
>>>The work looks marvelous but I'm only able to see the indices and
>>>thumbnails. I'm using Internet Explorer v5.2 for Mac on a G4 Titanium
>>>Powerbook and OS10.2.8.
>>I think Keith's site has some kind of incompatibility with Mac, because
>>I have the same problem with Netscape on the Mac.
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