MIS UT inks on transparent media

From: Kees Brandenburg ^lt;ctb@zeelandnet.nl>
Date: 11/01/04-07:00:42 AM Z
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Hello Hans and Chia,
MIS ultratone inks with Photo K work fine for me on Copyjet and
Pictorico. I haven't tried the Ultra clear film.

Using QuadToneRip <http://harrington.com/QuadToneRIP.html>, it is
even possible to use only 3 grey inks and no black at all. This gives
enough density for gum negatives and prints on glossy substrates like
Ilford smooth pearl. And you can leave the mat black ink (eboni) in
for printing on mat papers like photorag.

I am using an Epson 1160 with these MIS UT inks:

K = UT Photoblack

The QUAD inks are from the standard 4 ink VM inkset and I substituted
the Y, which is a blue toner in this inkset for the extra grey ink
from the UT-HEX inkset. This grey is inbetween the two others.


>Hi all digineg printers,
>Does anyone know if MIS version (with Photo K) of Epson UC ink works
>with Pictorico OHP, Ultra Clear Film or Agfa CopyJet?
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