RE: color accuracy in gum bichromate

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Date: 11/01/04-06:40:39 AM Z
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Hi Loris,

I rarely make any print over 11x14 inches in size and most are usually
in the range of 5x7 to 6x9. I mention Livick and his method only
because his prints are technical wonders, he's a recognized contemporary
master of the gum medium, and I thought a review of his methodolgy might
add additional information to the discussion recently on the list about
RGB vs CMYK printing. I thought perhaps he used one method or the other
and so I investigated that possibility on his website. But, the answer
remains elusive. RBY??? Perhaps Darryl or someone with his manual
could confirm whether he uses RGB or not.

His prints are huge and IMO the most accurate color gumprints I know of.
 But, he's also using imagesetter negatives which I presume are made by
a service bureau and, at least for some of his work, spraying the
emulsion. His method is very precise and the results remarkable, but
somehow I think it would not be as enjoyable as making your own
negatives and brushing the emulsion as is standard practice. Two
separate issues. Sorry if it sounded like they might be related.


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Thanks Darryl.

I wonder what's Joe's coating method for sheets that are equally "large"
then (perhaps "extra huge" is a better adjective for this case)... and
if he doesn't make such huge prints, then I also wonder what's the point
in mentioning such an exceptional method in a context consisting of
color accuracy? (Because I don't think color accuracy is related to the
size of the prints unless they small to the extent that the dithering /
halftone pattern veils tone - please correct me if I'm wrong)


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> His gum printing handbook (page 38) describes this technique
> when coating very large sheets, larger than 30X40" (or 76X102cm).
> -Darryl B.
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> I don't think he coats the paper the way you described....
> Where it is written that he coats the paper using airbrush
> and respirator/moonsuit?
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> > ...
> > Awesome technical expertise IMO but quite lacking in fun as I
> understand his method.
> > Somehow applying the toxic dichromate emulsion using an
> airbrush and
> > respirator/moonsuit isn't very appealing to me regardless of the
> results.
> > ...
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