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Date: 05/30/04-07:24:55 AM Z
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I printed out another sample with the media rotated 90 degrees, and got an identical pattern. This time I also got a bunch of random ink smears as well.

Roller marks seem to be the culprit here. I then used a wet finger to double check that I had printed on the right side. In the process I noticed that the wet finger wiped the printed ink right off the substrate! Also this film it is extremely sensitive to scratching like I've never seen on Pictorico.

Someone double check me that I have the right film here. I am using the Ultrafine Inkjet Crystal Clear 4mil overlay film. Cat# 758-11172

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  From: Don Bryant
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  One more thought, rotate the U.C.F. 90 degrees and make another print. If the direction of the stripes rotate I would definitely say you have defective material.

  Don Bryant


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  Subject: Problem with Ultrafine Clear Film

  I printed some test curves onto U.C.F. that I recently purchased, Epson 2200 printer. I got some weird, splotchy lines on the film. I then printed the same image onto paper to make sure it wasn't a printer problem....everything A-OK there. I printed again on the U.C.F. - same exact problem.

  You can see a sample of the problem here:

  Any thoughts?


  Michael Klemmer
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