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Hello list

Judy's Wonderful World of Post Factory Photography has provided me with
hours of reading pleasure - as it has for so many in this group too it
seems, prompting some great posts. Thanks all.

Six pairs of breasts on page 54 was a tour-de-force really. That these
breasts were also some 25 pages from the centre where we were instead
provided with an IKea tape measure, is quite a feat in my opinion.

I was amused by a coincidence relating to Judy's article on the front
page entitled 'the first thing we do, let's kill all the experts' . I
have been reading the Australaisan Photographic Review of March1897 and
came across an article which suggested something similar for amateur
photographers. The depth of feeling directed against them is quite

In a section titled 'The Editors Locker', and under the heading
'Photographic Cads' is quite a tale of warning:

'The amateur photographer armed with snap-shot camera is becoming a
nuisance. Complaints reach me from a certain popular seaside resort
concerning the behaviour of certain of these pests who, provided with
diminutive cameras, parade the beach in the neighbourhood of the
ladies' bathing places, and press the magic button when unsuspecting
fair ones are battling with the ocean'. He goes on to recount how one
'enterprising individual' had entered a lady's bathing hut with his
camera under his arm, claimed to have made a mistake, but as he
departed, managed to take a picture of the lady unclothed anyway.

BUT, the reporter notes, the photographic plate was not going to be
much use because as the photographer 'retreated' he encountered the
lady's brother who 'kicked the camera to pieces', then beat him up. All
of which struck the writer as a 'very effective method of keeping the
amateur photographer under proper control.'

The editor, however, thought that this was far 'too mild', and wrote:
'If some big brother would just incapacitate one of these cads from
ever using a camera again, he might be sure of public sympathy for
himself, and fairly certain of attracting the attention of the rest of
the vermin.'

Just an aside really. This same issue had an account of 'A new use for
sawdust' which I will put into another post.

PS Is Kevin found yet?
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