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Maybe it's because I'm in a backwards, jerkwater, Hooverville of a state but
I was recently told that I would not be allowed to join the Charleston, SC
artist's guild (as a contributing artist) since "photography isn't
considered art." Charleston: home of the Spoletto festival. I was shocked.
I was as shocked as I would be if I overheard somebody today telling an
African American to move to the back of the bus. Even then I'd be shocked
because I'd be on a city bus.

So fine. I'll start my OWN guild... with blackjack.. and hookers. Ah
forget the blackjack. Ya know what? Forget the whole thing.


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> Hi,
> I had recently purchased a large collection of "International
> Magazines" ... The collection spans from 1897 thru 1930.... This magazine
> was one of , if not , the premier "Fine Arts " magazine of its day.. ..
> Topics included Painting, Printmaking, Woodcut, Sculpture, Crafts,
> Antiquities , Collecting, European and American... What is amazing to me
> how little ( although there is some) photography was included over these
> years..
> Can anyone shed some more light on the attitude of the Fine Art
> had toward photography during this time period?
> John Cremati
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