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Date: 05/23/04-02:16:33 AM Z
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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your contact. I am placing your email on my list to notify when
the book is ready. I hope to have PayPal set up on my website eventually to
make it easy.

Glad you can stand my humor ;)

Mark Nelson

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> Hi Mark,
> We have never met - and, alas are probably never likely to - but, as
> a lurker (and very occasional poster) to I felt I must
> write to say how much I greatly appreciate your contributions both
> technical, but especially humourous, to, what has become my favourite
> soap - the alt photo list. The Kevin Morris saga had me,literally, in
> tears of delight, and has really made my day.
> On a more sober note, I would love to be informed of the progress of
> your book, and how it can be obtained here in the UK.
> --
> Best wishes
> Alan                         
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