Re: Precision digital negatives book + ... side effect of Kevin's departure!

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Date: 05/23/04-01:08:49 AM Z
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Hi Mark !

Please add me too on your notificatioon list (for the book). Unfortunately, this will not be useful for the workshop, unless someone on this list is ready to offer me the travel price from France to Chicago ... ;-) (last night, I made a dream... ).

About the "Kevin Saga" last episods, be sure that whenever from now I shall use one of my beloved Stouffer step tablets, a 21 zones mental picture will project in my mind : an empty (nul density) chair facing a (rather stupid) gossiping computer at Kevin's office ! ;-)

Cheers from France, (where Kevin has not yet been found by the way...)


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  Hi Andrew,

  No problem—I'm glad folks are asking!

  I've added you to the notification list. A draft of the book is going out later this week to Dick Arentz, Phil Davis, Sandy King and Sam Wang to read and do a review and comment. It should be ready in about a month.

  The first workshop in the Midwest Masters series will be this coming August in the Chicago area. I will also put you on a notification list for that when the details are finalized.

  Best Wishes,
  Mark Nelson
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