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Date: 05/22/04-07:11:37 PM Z
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Greetings, all--

It occurred to me, especially after taking in the full weight and
significance of Mark Nelson's concern (I mean, we are at a heightened
security level--Yellow, for gosh sakes!--right?), that knowing (with
relative certainty, unless there are other points of view) that Kevin
Morris is actually not in his office (which I, for one, believe) isn't
really all that helpful.

I mean--where IS he?

Differently put: Where In The World Is Kevin Morris?

I've begun looking for him around Austin--I've called the major hotels
and hospital emergency rooms. I've checked with the local police
booking desk. I've asked several vagrants on the streets. No one
here, so far, seems to have any idea about Kevin.

I know the rest of you have initiated similar procedures in your own

Together, I'm sure we can find him.

Best regards,
John Campbell
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