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Absolutely briliant. LOL.

Have a great weekend.

--- wrote:
> Dear Kevin,
> Today I had one of those days working on
> illustrations for my book where
> progress just seemed frustratingly slow. You know
> how it is when you feel
> frustrated because the work is progressing at a
> snails pace—it's like waiting for an
> over–exposed gum print to develop. So, instead
> of polishing my step tablets
> or shampooing my badger brushes, I decided to follow
> your suggestion below
> and I called the number you provided below—"If you
> need to speak with someone."
> I called a number of times, but no answer. I was
> rather concerned that I
> couldn't reach anyone because I was really looking
> forward to a sympathetic ear.
> I had even made a list of the things that were
> bothering me so that I could
> be very efficient with the time of whoever at
> Stouffer might be fortunate
> enough to get my call. But my efforts were to no
> avail.
> Then I began to worry that perhaps there had been
> some industrial accident at
> Stouffer Industries and everyone on the Alt Photo
> List would find themselves
> in a high state of anxiety anticipating a world
> without step tablets. I know
> that everyone here (list members) religiously
> practises the art of
> sensitometry and are intimately familiar with the
> old standby, Stouffer 21 Step Tablet.
> Though there are a few non-believers that
> mistakenly end up on the
> Stouffer's web site ( and find
> themselves ordering a chicken pot pie
> instead of a step tablet. However, that may not be
> such a bad thing at all,
> since I understand a number of the list members are
> draining the broth from
> the chicken pot pies and adding dichromate to study
> the cross–linking effect.
> I am confident that once they complete their
> research we will soon have
> Chicken GUMbo prints that will not only be beautiful
> to look at, but will have a
> soothing effect on anyone suffering from a cold.
> I do hope that upon your return you find that all is
> well with Stouffer
> Industries and someone hasn't lost a step here or
> there and is producing two–step
> tablets, which might be good for dancing, but rather
> useless in calibration.
> We appreciate your efforts to provide us with
> accurate step tablets, though
> few of us can actually afford the calibrated ones
> since we tend to find them
> frequently stuck to the emulsion of our prints or
> the glass plates of our
> NUARC's. At least they are cheaper than the ones
> from that other place in
> Rochester.
> I do have some thoughts on step tablet design,
> should you ever be interested
> in some improvements, I would be most happy to share
> these thoughts with you.
> Thanks again for your kind offer and I hope that
> June 1, 2004 is not a
> terribly busy day for you at the office.
> Mark Nelson
> PS: The folks at Stouffer Industries have always
> been very kind and
> efficient when I have called to place an order.
> In a message dated 5/22/04 1:40:08 PM,
> writes:
> > Out of the office this week.
> >
> > I will be out of the office until June 1, 2004. If
> you need
> > to speak with someone call 574-252-5772 or email
> > Thank you, Kevin.
> >

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