Re: Pigmented inks and poly plates

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/08/04-12:10:46 AM Z
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Hi Mark,

Currently I'm using Ecoetch polymer photogravure plates from Box Car Press.
When I was doing the tests with color inkjet I was using standard solarplates
(what Box Car calls 'for intaglio printing').

Jon wrote:

> Jon,
> Which polymer plates are you using?
> Mark Nelson
> In a message dated 5/7/04 3:21:12 PM, writes:
>> hi Marek,
>> My apologies for misunderstanding. I have no doubt one can use color
>> inkjet
>> effectively...all one has to do is look at the faux pyro school of
>> inkjet neg
>> printing. I prefer believing my eyes and brain (wetware) over my
>> software and
>> hardware, however, at least at this stage in my work.
>> My sense is that palladium is going to produce different results than
>> polymer
>> plates, in any case. For one thing, I'm using a continuous tone screen to
>> presensitize the plate so it holds ink better. For another, poly
>> plates respond
>> to a slightly different part of the UV spectrum than palladium. The
>> results I
>> got from trying color vs. black only pigments were disparate enough
>> for me.
>> Film seems different enough from inkjet to try (at least for $36), but
>> maybe
>> it's folly as far as the poly plates go.
>> Anyone out there print polymer plates using color transparencies?
>> Jon
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