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The 2200 is a great printer for negatives, however there isn't an output
device that as yet can render 16 bit images (32,768 levels of tone). You can
send a 16 bit image to Photoshop, but it gets converted to 8 bits on the fly.
Still , a great image tonally if properly prepared.

Mark Nelson

PS: I know 16 bits is actually 65,536 levels of tone, but Photoshop (even CS)
has this little quirk that it only handles files up to 15 bits, so that is
why I said 32,768 instead) Enjoy your negatives!

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> Jon,
> What I meant was pigmented color inks. I have an Epson 2200 and print with
> all colors. At least I think that the printer uses all the inks as all the
> cartridges get low at about the same rate. My medium of choice is
> palladium for now and I can not praise enough the didital negatives made
> on this printer. Absolutely smooth tonal gradations (my negatives are 16
> bit). From pure black to most delicate highlights and all in between. It
> took me some time to come up with a correct curve (or actually learn about
> curves as I am new to digital), but now I can modify it to suit my
> negative needs in a systematic way in no time.
> This starts to sound like the "gum war". Two people, same equipment,
> totaly different results.
> Marek
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