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Date: 05/06/04-01:20:42 PM Z
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Hot potassium oxalate (at about 100-110F) is my favorite. Warm tones and nice contrast.

Good idea to use citric acid followed by EDTA disodium for clearing. This is my preferred method also.


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Hi all,
     I intend to make a first foray into platinum/palladium gum overs, and
was wondering which developer is preferred, or do you inveterate pt/pd
printers have several in your darkroom?
ammonium citrate
potassium citrate
sodium citrate
sodium acetate
potassium oxalate
Dick Sullivan's "in a pinch" baking soda/vinegar sodium acetate
    I will be using EDTA di plus citirc acid for clearing (a la Clay
     Being a total novice at pt/pd, I hope I am not asking a beating a dead
horse question like gum stain (Sandy, forgive me) :)

Linas Kudzma
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