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        I am a relative newcomer to Pt/Pd printing (a few years) but I have
obtained very nice color, speed, and contrast with Sodium Citrate developer.
I rinse with water and then do a 1% Oxalic acid clearing bath (never found
solubility or "crystallization" problems with OA reported by others)
followed by two EDTA tetra sodium plus Sodium Sulfite clears. I do a quick
run through Hypo clearing agent just to adjust the pH up a bit (thanks, Mr.
Metaborate). After a 25 minute wash I rinse in distilled water just before
drying because our water has LOTZA calcium carbonate from all the coral in
out aquifer.
        I must confess that my choices have been greatly determined by availability
of chemicals here in Barbados. I can easily buy Sodium Citrate, and EDTA
tetra sodium but not disodium. The local Light and Power utility gives me
the sodium sulfite for free as they buy it by the ton to use in their steam
turbines to take oxygen out of the water to minimize oxidation at high
temps. The Oxalic acid is available from one of the laundry services for
very little money.
        One day I do plan to try potassium oxalate.

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Hi all,
     I intend to make a first foray into platinum/palladium gum overs, and
was wondering which developer is preferred, or do you inveterate pt/pd
printers have several in your darkroom?
ammonium citrate
potassium citrate
sodium citrate
sodium acetate
potassium oxalate
Dick Sullivan's "in a pinch" baking soda/vinegar sodium acetate
    I will be using EDTA di plus citirc acid for clearing (a la Clay
     Being a total novice at pt/pd, I hope I am not asking a beating a dead
horse question like gum stain (Sandy, forgive me) :)
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