Re: Sizing with unhardened gelatin

From: Jack Brubaker ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/06/04-09:05:30 AM Z
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It was perhaps in the seventies in my work space. Not hot enough one would
think to contribute to melting the gel. I'm beginning to think that I brush
way harder when I paint on gum than most of you do because I sized with
acrylic for so many years and that is so tough that it just didn't matter.
Now when I try to print on shrunk but unsized papers that others show great
success with I get staining. Perhaps I am pushing the pigment into the paper
or in the case of the unhardened gel. just being too rough with it.


> Was it a very very hot day? I *can* imagine the gelatin softening if the
> environment was very hot. Very hot is something I have a hard time
> imagining, since it doesn't ever happen here.
> kt
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