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Date: 05/06/04-08:27:36 AM Z
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Ryuji asks> Besides gelatin and "starches" what are used as sizing material?
> I wonder if the sizing in this paper is retained in my processing,
> where the sensitizer is coated at 35-40C.

Now THAT'S the question to ask. I know there are such things as:
alkyletene dimer or aquapel, whatever the heck that is. You chemists can
tell us laypersons.

> Do you see any relation between degree of shrinking and sizing?

Another interesting question: paper supposedly shrinks 15% when first wetted
and dried. Don't know where I came up with that information, so it could be
incorrect. Anyway, watercolorists will wet the paper and tape it to a board
(or staple it, as I do) and it'll dry drum tight. I was thinking this very
thing as I was preshrinking this paper, because the feel of it is that the
sizing is...something new, or acrylicy or something. I can't describe it,
except that the sizing feels substantial. So I was wondering how much
shrinkage would occur with a paper that has such a hefty, stable, size and
one that may be synthetic like an acrylic. And therefore, whether I really
needed to do this preshrinking step, which is a pain when you are doing 100
sheets of it (which I did).
PS Clay, it's a "floater", not a "sinker".
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