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Date: 05/01/04-12:58:38 AM Z
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On Saturday, May 1, 2004, at 01:21 AM, Poor, Robert W Dr. RDECOM wrote:

> I will be out of the office from 30 Apr through 9 May.  I  will 
> access my email but not on a prompt basis. If you timely need help
> please contact Phil Hunter on acquisition matters and Ruth Flanders on
> ethics matters and Pat Sheldon on other matters.  I will also check my
> voice mail periodically........bob

Dr. Poor,

. . . I don't need help on acquisition matters (I have more than I
need). Please give my apologies to Phil.

. . . I don't need help on ethics matters (I have moral objections to
acting right). Please give my apologies to Ruth.

. . . I don't even "timely need help" on other matters (Because its
probably too late, and they don't really matter, whatever they are).My
apologies, once again, to Pat.

As for your non-prompt access to email, and periodic voice mail
checks--please contact Phil, Ruth, and Pat.

Best regards,
John Campbell
PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
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Austin, Tx 78704

(512) 797-9375
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