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How large a reward, exactly. . . ? . . . and how desperate?

I have an Imacon Flextight Photo working quite well on a G4 dual CPU
machine. By comparison, I would think the G5 would be a piece of cake.

FWIW, the Imacon (Flextight Photo) wasn't worth a flip on my Windows P4
machines. I had to steadily re-install the software to get any image
at all, otherwise I just got static--like an old B/W Zenith not tuned
to a station. (Seems I recall numerous boisterous posts about that in
months gone by. . . . Didn't we have that conversation? . . . and were
there ever black and white Zeniths in Canada, Oh, Canada?)

But I digress.


I hooked the Imacon Flextight Photo up to a G4 dual (by SCSI, no less!
--this Imacon was made for Windows) and downloaded the latest Mac
version of the software. From there on it was smooth sailing--3600dpi
with nary a glitch in making 16 bit RGB Tiff files. . . . Well. . .
except for the dust. (And that's a whole 'nother topic.)

As for the Imacon magnetic film holder, you might check with them to
see if one has been developed for your non-standard film size. I'd
call them directly--their web page is difficult to navigate beyond
their latest tech conquests; but, in personal contact by telephone,
they are very accommodating and most helpful. It would seem to me that
the Imacon film holder blank (meaning the metallic back and flexible
flap without cuts for a given film size) could be readily cut for most
any format. Failing all that, there's bound to be a way to cut/make
your own film holder for the Flextight from available stock. That
would be a very post-factory thing to do, yes?

. . . Which leads me to another set of questions: Where did you find
130 film? Is it standardized to a particular camera? Who makes it? .
. . etc, etc., etc.

Now. . . as to the size of that reward. . .


Best regards,
John Campbell
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On Saturday, May 1, 2004, at 04:58 PM, Catherine Rogers wrote:

> Greetings list,
> I need to scan negatives which don't fit any of the supplied holders
> on an
> Epson flatbed 4870 (or whatever its number is in the USA) scanner.
> Well, of
> course they don't fit - it wouldn't be alternative if they actually
> did fit
> something standard I guess.
> The negs are from a 130 size film - 76mm wide and the image is about
> 125mm
> long (2 and seven eights inches by four and seven eights inches). Has
> anyone
> made their own film holders for scanning abnormal film sizes? Is that
> what I
> need to do? They don't stay flat enough if simply placed on the glass
> top of
> the scanner as there is no means to prevent them curling on the space.
> Many thanks for any and all suggestions
> Catherine
> PS If anyone has actually got an Imacon Flextight Photo scanner
> working with
> a G5 I'd love to hear how they did it. Please note that the query
> relates
> only to this model - not to any of the other Imacon scanners. TIA. I'm
> offering a reward for the right solution now -I'm really desperate!
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