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Date: 03/10/04-04:00:44 PM Z
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Just an update on my adventure in making photographs of film grain
with a microscope.

The Bausch & Lomb microscope that I purchased on ebay arrived today
and when I opened the box I was almost speechless. What a beauty!! It
is a wonderful binocular type microscope from the 1930s or 40s in
beautiful condition. Built like a ship, with eight different
objectives and three different pairs of eyepieces, including both
achromats and apochromats, and an interesting lighting system based
on tungsten light beamed through a blue ground glass and clear lens.
And it came in a beautiful wood box with these carefully arranged
cradles for virtually all of the accessories. Plus the original
instructions, original registration ticket and a certification card
indicating inspection in the 1960s, and the name and address of the
physician from Kansas City, Missouri who most likely was the only
previous owner of the instrument. And all of this for only $157 on

Two questions for anyone who might be able to answer.

First, someone mentioned that Bausch and Lamb still offers support on
older instruments. Do you know the department or have an address for
that support.

Second, the instrument has probably not been used for more than 20
years and there was some foam in the box that degraded into a fine
powder and some of it got on the condenser system (or whatever the
optical glass is called that is located between the objective and the
eyepiece). Does anyone know of a site that explains how to
disassemble and clean instruments of this type?

And thanks again for all of the useful information folks on the list
provided in response to my original question on this subject.

Sandy King
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