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Date: 03/10/04-03:40:05 PM Z
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Ok, if that's tetenal gold toner then you're not
supposed to dilute the toner that much (1+249!!!) but
use it straight (in the other hand, I know there are
people using it diluted 1+9 with success - but "one

I mixed mine spending less than 1/2 price of Tetenal's
toner (and I have a lifetime supply of thiourea and
tartaric acid now - couldn't purchase these by amounts
less than a kg - so the next time I mix toner the cost
will be less than 1/6 price of Tetenal's toner). Maybe
you should check for better prices. I can buy gold
chloride for $7.9/gr and one can make 2lt toner with
1gr gold chloride! (BTW, in my location, tartaric acid
is $3.4/kg and thiourea is $9/kg - try to find local
dealers with good prices).


> Hello Loris, the Toner of Tetenal that I use for my
> kallytypes is Gold
> Toner, non Selenium.
> Thank you for the link, but the chloride of gold is
> very expensive and I
> cannot allow myself to compose the formula of the
> toner, I have to already
> use a toner pre-blended as Gold Toner Tetenal.
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