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Hi Juan,


> ...
> - Solarization. - (Sandy, it can also be a reason,
> my digi-negative ones
> show a high density, but they print all the steps of
> a chart. From now on I
> will try to reduce the density of the digi-negative
> one.)

I don't remember what Sandy suggested to you but if I
were in your place, I wouldn't fiddle much with the
digital negative (especially when you're getting all
the steps, I mean this is what all of us are trying to
achieve rigt?). Reducing the density may cause
decrease in Dmax (because you will be exposing less to
not "cook" the highlights).

> - Toner Gold-Thiourea. - (Loris that toner type you
> use. I use very diluted
> Tetenal, 0,4% because with a bigger dilution I have
> checked that it produces
> a yellowish stain.)

I don't know what Tetenal toner are you using but the
dilution and the yellowish stain you're mentioning
makes me think of Selenium. Is it so? (If yes, you're
toning before fixing I presume. Sandy says this is no
good with Selenium - due to "staining") I didn't like
the tone I get with Selenium so I converted to Gold
Thiourea. I strongly recommend it; the tones are nice
and Dmax is great compared to untoned Vandyke. See the
formula @
(Gold Toner #2).

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