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Thanks to all to answer.

- The silver shine of my Kallytypes can be caused for:

        - Drying with heat. - (Judy, you can be right, me dry my kallytypes with
hair dryer and hot air. From now on I will dry off with cold air.)

        - Solarization. - (Sandy, it can also be a reason, my digi-negative ones
show a high density, but they print all the steps of a chart. From now on I
will try to reduce the density of the digi-negative one.)

        - Toner Gold-Thiourea. - (Loris that toner type you use. I use very diluted
Tetenal, 0,4% because with a bigger dilution I have checked that it produces
a yellowish stain.)

Pardon for my English. - Text translated by computer.
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