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Date: 03/09/04-04:11:35 PM Z
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--- James Young <> wrote:

> On toning with gold and platinum does this
> work(getting rid of the
> shiny areas) with van dykes too? Is the toning
> before or after the
> fix? Best , Jamie

Don't know about platinum (I just got some Platinum
Sol. #3 and will try it with Kallitypes) but my Van
Dyke's toned in Gold-Thiourea don't show any silver
plating/solarization. If I expose another print for
the same time but don't tone I see lighter areas in
the deepest shadows (brush marks / streaking) just as
you describe. So, Gold-Thiourea toner definitely
overcome this problem. I tone before fixing BTW.

Hope this helps,
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