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>>Toning the image in a heavily diluted palladium, platinum or gold
>>solution can
>>fix a lot of these problems. The paper source may also be the cause.
>>> Hello to the whole list.
>>> When my kallytypes is totally dry, he/she can a silver shine it turns in
>>> some areas, mainly in the densest.
>>> Reason this happens?.
>>> Thank you.
>>> Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.
>I'm curious to try the toning.
> I've found that I get silvering with my van dykes ( a kind of Kallytype)
>when I have an uneven coating, with the silvered area being the part
>with the heaviest coating.I've been lightly smoothing out my coating
>with a paper towel which soaks up the extra solution . I've been
>applying with a brush and the side I start with is already drying by
>the time I get to the other side of the print, so even coating has
>been a challenge for me. The prints are up to 110" by 16", and the
>paper towel smoothing has been helpful.
>Try a thinner more even coating and see if that helps. I'm guessing
>about what is causing the silvering, so if anyone knows the real
>cause let us all know. Jamie Young

On toning with gold and platinum does this work(getting rid of the
shiny areas) with van dykes too? Is the toning before or after the
fix? Best , Jamie
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