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Date: 03/09/04-11:58:00 AM Z
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Yea, I just tried Epson Ultra smooth last night.. results were a
disaster. Way too absorbent.. for an 8x10, I normally use 32 drops total
and a glass rod. I barely pushed it 4 inches across and the chemistry
was gone.

Think I'll stick with the COT 320 for now


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Subject: Platinum on inkjet paper

On 8 Mar 2004, at 9:04, Jim Collum wrote:

> I haven't done a lot of testing yet with the inkjet papers.

I made some Van Dyke Browns on Epson Heavyweight Matte last
year. I would describe the experience as unsatisfactory. The paper
is *enormously* absorbent, and long before the paper becomes
saturated, the clay coating comes loose and starts smearing
round. The image was crisp, but discolored in areas. Discoloration
and fading were severe after a year -- so bad that I threw the prints
out recently.

Gary Nored
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