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Date: 03/09/04-09:49:37 AM Z
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Some years ago, I did some cyano on muslin and would
notice some blue-ing at the edges but in the end the
images were fine. I just realized in that process
that fabric isn't going to respond like paper and I
would have white dust-like spots frequently even
w/saturated coating. I applied w/heavy brush and
fabric was very wet. Dried the fabric in film dryer
which was not completely dark and has warm air.
Keeping the coated side oriented was important even
though they looked similar when dry.

I also did some palladium on various fabrics and used
an airbrush to apply the sensitizer...don't recommend
that since I might have ingested some even w/mask and
exhaust fan.....hey i didn't need hair on my head

(unrelated-to-alt video, but fun anyway. Lao,
Cambodia, Thailand. 15 megs)

--- Loris Medici <> wrote:
> I just tried to print cyanotype on silk (3 kinds,
> every kind has it own
> look and Dmax). I tried to sensitize the fabric by
> immersing in an
> adequate amnt. of mixed cyanotype sensitizer (very
> cheap, I wouldn't do
> it with Kallitype) and then blotted it against paper
> towels until it's
> damp and not wet anymore. Then I fixed the piece of
> fabric to a flat
> surface with masking tape and turned on the cold air
> fan and waited
> around 40mins to let it dry in a dark room. When I
> returned back I
> noticed that the fabric had gone bluish (in other
> words; fogged - this
> had a negative impact on prints by reducing
> contrast). How I can dry the
> cyanotype sensitized fabric without fogging? Can you
> please describe
> your workflow for making prints on fabric?
> (Cyanotype or not... doesn't
> matter - I would like to read about other options)
> TIA,
> Loris.

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