Printing on fabric

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Date: 03/09/04-09:25:09 AM Z
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I just tried to print cyanotype on silk (3 kinds, every kind has it own
look and Dmax). I tried to sensitize the fabric by immersing in an
adequate amnt. of mixed cyanotype sensitizer (very cheap, I wouldn't do
it with Kallitype) and then blotted it against paper towels until it's
damp and not wet anymore. Then I fixed the piece of fabric to a flat
surface with masking tape and turned on the cold air fan and waited
around 40mins to let it dry in a dark room. When I returned back I
noticed that the fabric had gone bluish (in other words; fogged - this
had a negative impact on prints by reducing contrast). How I can dry the
cyanotype sensitized fabric without fogging? Can you please describe
your workflow for making prints on fabric? (Cyanotype or not... doesn't
matter - I would like to read about other options)

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