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Date: 03/07/04-08:23:23 PM Z
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Don wrote:

> > One of the reasons I will be trying to develop in PMK is the 'edge
>> effects'
>> that I love when using that developer.
>Then you should try semi-stand development with Pyrocat-HD. There has
>been a long discussion about this on the AZO forum at Michael A. Smith
>and Paula Chamlee's web site.
>Sandy King and others have had some amazing results with this method of

The discussions on the AZO forum were very interesting. Definitely
recommended for anyone wanting to maximize adjadency effects.

> > Please, if you feel that the PMK negs will be totally detrimental, say
>> I am certainly not beyond taking others experiences to ease my
> > curve.

It would not be my position that the use of PMK will be detrimental
to your work with carbon printing, if used appropriately. If you use
it with medium and high contrast films and in medium and high
contrast lighting situations you should be able to get enough
contrast with reasonably short developing times. However, in low
contrast lighting with all films you will need very long developing
times (or heated developer) to get enough contrast for alternative
printing, and in some cases you simply will not be able to get it at
all. This is one of the reasons I have stated that PMK is not an
ideal developer for contact printing with alternative printing. It is
not so much that it won't work at all, but that other developers such
as Rollo Pyro, Pyrocat-HD, and ABC Pyro do the work so much more
efficiently or elegantly.

But there is really so much more to say about Pyro developers. If you
have not read the article I posted at you might
have a look at it now. I think it will answer most of your questions
about Pyro developers.You will find it at

Sandy King
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