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Date: 03/07/04-07:00:02 PM Z
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> One of the reasons I will be trying to develop in PMK is the 'edge
> effects'
> that I love when using that developer.

Then you should try semi-stand development with Pyrocat-HD. There has
been a long discussion about this on the AZO forum at Michael A. Smith
and Paula Chamlee's web site.

Sandy King and others have had some amazing results with this method of
> I have had good success printing in gelatin silver with PMK negs, and
> limited experience in printing PT/PD with PMK (only one print so far).

PMK will work pretty well with S.G. papers, I've developed a lot of film
in PMK.

> Years ago I was making my own carbon tissue, and quite a bit of it,
had a
> blast doing everything from 35mm negs up to 8x10 carbons. Loved it to
> death.

Then you are well ahead of the curve there.

> Please, if you feel that the PMK negs will be totally detrimental, say
> I am certainly not beyond taking others experiences to ease my
> curve.

Okay, I'll say it, don't use PMK for UV printing, instead if you wish to
use a staining developer try W2D2, Pyrocat-HD, or Rollo-Pyro (a modified
PMK formula used for drum processing). Depending on your film of choice
other non-staining developers can work such as HC-110. I only use
Pyrocat-HD now.

I would avoid over exposing film as some recommend, testing is the best
way to determine what works for you.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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