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It doesn't work with all images. You don't want the color to overpower
the platinum. If you look at just the color information that's printed
prior to coating, it's very faint. It's amazing how much 'black'
information makes up the final image.


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Subject: RE: Platinum, platinum/pigment Images in gallery

Thanks, Jim, and congratulations. I've been skeptical of putting inkjet
over noble metals, but I have to compliment you on your subtlety here.
Those industrial shots are outstanding.


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Subject: Platinum, platinum/pigment Images in gallery

I've been working with platinum and platinum/pigment since December
(thanks Dan, incredible process!). I have work at the Susan Spiritus
Gallery ( ), and
more at my web site at and go to the platinum

Up until now, most of my work has been traditional silver b/w,
cibachrome, and then digital inkjet. I'm using the Ziatype process for
platinum, and an Epson 9500 to lay down the pigment. Dan, the
information in your book and the new update has been an incredible help.
Almost all of my images start as digital, so I'm kinda working in
reverse.. Digital to analog.

Great list here!

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