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I've been quite busy the past few months so I haven't been very active in
this region of the Internet.

First off I'd like to thank Sandy King for the excellent article on carbon
printing in the latest issue of View Camera magazine. Due to no fault of
his the sample pictures in all of the copies I saw were atrociously bad as
far as their reproductions went. I also understand that the article was
condensed and therefore butchered in the process leaving out some critical

That being said the good news is that for the first time in over a quarter
of a century carbon tissue is back on the market. I've spent the better
part of 3 years developing a coating machine, procedures, and formulations
for the manufacture of modern carbon tissue, all done in B+S's new annex
building which brings our total square footage up to 4300 sq feet. (We're
out of space already.)

Reports from early testers are that the tissue performs admirably. I have
made a few improvements over the classical tissue, one being it is on a
polypropylene backing which provides for much faster drying time and does
not need a stabilizing for multiple printing. Colors are limited at this
time however.

I am now working on "improving" the classical carbon printing techniques. I
made a nearly successful Ozotype on my first go-round two days ago.

With the coating machine I am looking at other coated products like oil
paper, collotype film, albumen, etc. Comments welcome.

Dr Howard Efner has done some more research and has revamped his paper on
sodium chloroplatinate, Na2PtCl6, as a contrast enhancement in platinum
printing. It is by far the best chemical treatise on platinum printing in
general ever done.

We are now just filing the forms for our 501(c)3 federal tax exemption for
the Center for Photographic History and Technology. This grew out of Dusan
Stulik's (Chief Scientist, Getty Conservation Institute) talk at APIS last
July. Dr. Stulik noted that photographic technology was often neglected by
conservators and with the rapidly accelerating move to digital, he feared
much would be lost. This in turn would impact conservation in the future.

Plans for the Center include republication of rare photographic technology
books, a study center, research grants, seminars including APIS. Other
seminars and symposia will be aimed enriching at curators, photo
historians, and conservators on aspects of historical photographic
technology. Last but not least, a real photographic technology journal. In
the beginning we'll begin with occasional papers and over time graduate to
a professional peer reviewed publication.

Ok, it's all a dream at this point but with support from the alt photo
community it can be done. Melody and I will in the future will be passing
the torch to our two sons to handle the day-to-day activities of B+S

Lastly the Semi-Annual Platypus Party will be held on July 3rd. (alternates
with APIS) This event has been going on since 1985. It is an informal
gathering of alt process workers including free chili and beer and print
showing throughout the day. One year we had participants from Alaska and
Puerto Rico. Two years ago one man flew in from Taiwan for the event. All
are invited. Call B+S at 505-474-0890 for details.

Comments welcome and encouraged.

--Dick Sullivan
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