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If you haven't taken time to view Jonathan's exhibit, you won't want to miss
it. You'll also find notes on mordancage technique - a turn-of-the century
bleach/etch technique.

(OK: Turn of the other last century - for those who like to split hairs.)

Barry Kleider
Photographer. Arts Educator.

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> Greetings friends,
> My apologies for the cross-list posting... Just a brief notice to alert
> to the updates that were just completed at my website - including:
> In Gallery five (
> Wally Mason and I curated the exhibition "The Prospect of Light," which is
> currently on display at The University of Maine's Museum of Art in Bangor
> (Wally is a fellow photographer and the director and curator of the
> This is an exhibition of 48 low-tech camera photographs (plastic and
> pinhole) produced by 12 artists from the US and France. (You will, no
> see familiar names from this list!) All the images in this exhibition are
> my website - as well as work from several plastic and pinhole camera
> photographers whose work we did not have space to include.
> In Gallery two (
> 20 new images of mine - all gold-toned images made with a Diana camera.
> And, finally
> Details of the one-week workshop I give here in my home and studio in
> Tenants Harbor, Maine (August 8-14). The week's class cover's numerous
> toning processes - including my "signature" GP-1 Gold split-toning
> We also experiment with the exotic mordancage process and make a couple of
> ft cyanotype murals....
> The weeks' tuition includes a day aboard "The Lady Anne" for a trip to
> Monhegan Island (photo-op's) with sightseeing along the way (puffins,
> ospreys and perhaps even whales!). Further, the week's fee also includes
> dinner prepared and served by Jane and me: lobsters, scallops -
> *deliciously* prepared entree's every evening! Details at the website -
> with snap shots from past summer classes there as well. Please take a
> Best wishes,
> Jon
> Tenants Harbor, Maine
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