Re: Tmax 100 and UV Blocking

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Date: 03/05/04-03:03:33 PM Z
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Some of the densitometers used in the pre-press industry can read UV
density, and at another level there are spectrophotometers. The
instrument I use is a Gretag D-200 II.

Sandy King

>By what method is it possible to measure UV blocking of the Tmax 100,
>or, for that matter, different inkjet inks on OHP?
>Jack Reisland
>Sandy King wrote:
>> I just spoke to Dick Arentz about the question of UV blocking in Tmax
>> 100 film. After being alerted to the potential problem of this film,
>> first discussed on this list, he tested Tmax 100 with Pt/Pd and
>> confirms that the effective UV blockage is approximately three full
>> stops.
>> So unless you lust after very long exposures you might want to
>> eliminate this film from your sack of tricks for Pt/Pd printing, and
>> most likely for all other alternative processes based on exposure
>> with UV radiation.
>> Just for the record, I have not measured any UV blocking of this
>> magnitude in Tmax 400, or for that matter in any other films by Kodak
>> or Ilford.
>> Sandy King
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