Re: is there standard artwork rental agreement forms?

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Date: 03/05/04-02:13:36 PM Z
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As I don't know the specifics of your situation, I'm attaching a couple of
standard contracts which might be useful to you.

I hope these are helpful.

Barry Kleider
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Subject: is there standard artwork rental agreement forms?

> When I needed standard model release form several years ago, I could
> find several books, articles, and many free advices and template forms
> on the internet. Now I rent my photographs for small businesses,
> retail offices, etc. and I want some form of written agreement, such
> as time period, items rented, values in case of damage, theft, etc.
> (those people have commercial insurance also), rental fee (if any),
> rent for the space (if any), other things renters need to consider
> (i.e. keep the work in reasonable temp/humidity/brightness range),
> etc. I suppose I could draft such thing and have someone check it, but
> I wonder if there is anything similar that I can use, at least as a
> starting point.
> Thanks
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> Ryuji Suzuki
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