is there standard artwork rental agreement forms?

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Date: 03/04/04-11:42:24 PM Z
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When I needed standard model release form several years ago, I could
find several books, articles, and many free advices and template forms
on the internet. Now I rent my photographs for small businesses,
retail offices, etc. and I want some form of written agreement, such
as time period, items rented, values in case of damage, theft, etc.
(those people have commercial insurance also), rental fee (if any),
rent for the space (if any), other things renters need to consider
(i.e. keep the work in reasonable temp/humidity/brightness range),
etc. I suppose I could draft such thing and have someone check it, but
I wonder if there is anything similar that I can use, at least as a
starting point.


Ryuji Suzuki
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