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> The best developers in my opinion are sodium citrate or potassium
> oxalate. Potassium oxalate prints a bit faster and has slightly
> better keeping qualities, but is more expensive.

I see. Reading your article again I saw your "sodium citrate is best for
beginners" advice and will follow it. I will make the sodium citrate
myself because the dry form very expensive for a simple salt and I
simply don't need it dry. I have found the reply from Linas Kudzma to
your question "How to make sodium citrate?" in the archives - is there
any change in the procedure he described? (Others see for the

BTW, you say 50ml toner is enough to tone a single 5x7" print. I just
didn't understrand it: are you diluting the toner? If not, how do you
manage to cover all the print (let's assume there are 2" borders around
the image) with just 50ml solution? If yes, what is the dilution ratio?

Thanks in advance,
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