Re: Platinum Gold Toning Kallitypes

From: Sandy King ^lt;sanking@CLEMSON.EDU>
Date: 03/02/04-08:24:42 AM Z
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>The items of my last order from B&S just arrived - dry Ferric Oxalate
>(50gr) and Platinum Sol. #3 (10ml). I plan to make Kallitype prints and
>tone just like described in Sandy King's article (Making Kallitypes) in
>Unblinkingeye site (my gold toner is the gold-thiourea variation). I
>will first try to make good Kallitypes before spending precious metals
>for toning them. What developer can you suggest? What are the important
>points I have to pay attention as a Kallitype-rookie? (please note that
>I have just made some Cyanotypes and Van Dykes before).
>Thanks in advance,

The best developers in my opinion are sodium citrate or potassium
oxalate. Potassium oxalate prints a bit faster and has slightly
better keeping qualities, but is more expensive.

Toning with gold, pallaidum or platinum should be done *before*
fixing. If you use selenium to tone you should fix the print first,
and give it a long wash before toning. Selenium is highly reactive
with silver nitrate and if there is any in the print when you tone
the highlights will be degraded.

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