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Date: 06/30/04-10:46:48 AM Z
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Lisa, It can be called an edition variee (with an acute accent over the
first e)... a term used in printmaking for essentially the same image
with variations in the printing.


On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Lisa Reddig wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a gum editioning question. Please follow me through my printing
> process to the query I have.
> I print my gum bichromates with the sun. I have one day a week to print,
> either Saturday or Sunday. I start with 6 pieces of paper. I pick my first
> color, usually black. Use the same negative and print it once on each piece
> of paper. Because of the inconsistency of sunlight (clouds and all), and
> because it takes me a couple of sheets to get the exposure time right, each
> image looks different. Then the next week I pick another color and print
> over the first layer in the same manner. I do this for anywhere from 2 to 6
> weeks. Due to the inconsistency of my printing in each layer the final
> products can be quite different, even with the same colors printed on them.
> My question is, are these 6 prints an edition of 6, or are they each unique
> prints? I always thought each image in an edition had to look exactly the
> same. But I am starting to doubt myself.
> Thanks
> Lisa
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