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Date: 06/30/04-08:56:49 AM Z
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I have a gum editioning question. Please follow me through my printing
process to the query I have.

I print my gum bichromates with the sun. I have one day a week to print,
either Saturday or Sunday. I start with 6 pieces of paper. I pick my first
color, usually black. Use the same negative and print it once on each piece
of paper. Because of the inconsistency of sunlight (clouds and all), and
because it takes me a couple of sheets to get the exposure time right, each
image looks different. Then the next week I pick another color and print
over the first layer in the same manner. I do this for anywhere from 2 to 6
weeks. Due to the inconsistency of my printing in each layer the final
products can be quite different, even with the same colors printed on them.

My question is, are these 6 prints an edition of 6, or are they each unique
prints? I always thought each image in an edition had to look exactly the
same. But I am starting to doubt myself.

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