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Here's the email from the Pictorico roll media sales manager:




        Yes, you can pass my e-mail on to your group with one additional
comment. The AccuArt 2 product is exactly the same as OHP in every way
except with a very small reduction in coating weight. For your
application, you should notice no difference. This is the application
the product was designed for.

        I will post information on the web site once we determine how to
move forward with branded roll stock.

Bill Szyper
Sales Manager
Pictorico Ink Jet Media


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05/07/2004 01:54 PM

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Creating digital negatives.. (same as myself). Negatives are then used
for contact printing on silver or platinum photographic paper
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       What applications does the group use the product for?

Bill Szyper
Sales Manager
Pictorico Ink Jet Media
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05/07/2004 12:22 PM

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Thank you for the reply! Would you have a problem with me forwarding
your email to a group of Platinum printers who also use this product




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      We are reworking our Retail offering. During this transition we
will not be offering the roll stock from our web site. We do however,
sell the product through another source called Chromaline. They in turn
private label the product.
      There designation is: AccuArt(tm) 2 Premium Waterproof Inkjet
Film for Pigment and Dye Inks <>

      There web site is: You
can go to their site and find an outlet near you to order from.

      We will also be selling the transparency products through other
distribution under the Pictorico brand in the near future. I'll put a
link on the web site when this happens.

Thank you for your continued interest in Pictorico products.

Bill Szyper
Sales Manager
Pictorico Ink Jet Media


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05/07/2004 11:35 AM

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Dear Bill,
  We received a call from Jim Collum who said he has been talking to
you. He said you told him the 24" Transparency Film was available. He
wants a call or email from you about this. His phone # is 831-566-3999
and his email is <> .

Thank you and have a nice day,





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That someone was me. I talked to the product manager ( I believe I
forwarded his email to this list.. I'll have to go look). I've received
some sample sheets of AccuArt2, and it seems to match the Pictorico OHP
roll very closely. I haven't run densitometer tests on it yet (they only
sent me two small sheets).. but I printed a negative on it, and it
pretty much matched the Pictorico material.




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Hi Sandy,

I'm not sure, but that wasn't your original question. Your question was
has it been discontinued, which was the subject of the original flurry.

I forget who it was that confirmed Pictorico's marketing decision to
sell larger media through these other folks, but I believe they got the
referral through a manager at Pictorico who confirmed it was the same
stuff. But, as the other King states in his signature quoting the RPS -
Take no man's word for it.

I'd call chromaline and see if you can get a muckity-muck on the line to
confirm, or get some samples to do a carbon14 or flame test or
something. :-)

I can say based on the output my friends sent to me, it appears to be
the same stuff.


At 02:01 PM 6/28/2004, you wrote:


I read the posts on the subject, but are you sure that the AccuArt2 is
same as Pictorico?

Person I spoke to at Pictorico told me quite clearly that the
manufacturer had stopped making the material on rolls and that is why
they did not have it.

Hell, don't blame a person for wanting to be certain about the nature of
the material. A roll of this stuff is not exactly cheap you know!!!


You guys didn't read the flurry of posts I started last month about
this? Tsk....

Here's the reseller's site:

Find a local distributor on the site. The new name for the stuff on a
roll is AccuArt2. It seems to be the same stuff as the Pictorico OHP.
Some friends of mine ordered some from a Colorado outlet and were
happily printing within a week.

Best wishes,

At 01:12 PM 6/28/2004, you wrote:

S**t! What the hell are people going to do for larger pieces?????

I have heard rumors about this and heard that they are still making the
rolls, but that the rolls are being marketed under a different brand
name by a different company.

In a message dated 6/28/04 2:11:02 PM, writes:

I just spoke to a salesperson at Pictorico who told me that the OHP
material is no longer being made in rolls. She sounded pretty certain
about the fact but I am wondering if someone knows something to the

Sandy King

Mark Nelson
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