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That someone was me. I talked to the product manager ( I believe I
forwarded his email to this list.. I'll have to go look). I've received
some sample sheets of AccuArt2, and it seems to match the Pictorico OHP
roll very closely. I haven't run densitometer tests on it yet (they only
sent me two small sheets).. but I printed a negative on it, and it
pretty much matched the Pictorico material.




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Hi Sandy,

I'm not sure, but that wasn't your original question. Your question was
has it been discontinued, which was the subject of the original flurry.

I forget who it was that confirmed Pictorico's marketing decision to
sell larger media through these other folks, but I believe they got the
referral through a manager at Pictorico who confirmed it was the same
stuff. But, as the other King states in his signature quoting the RPS -
Take no man's word for it.

I'd call chromaline and see if you can get a muckity-muck on the line to
confirm, or get some samples to do a carbon14 or flame test or
something. :-)

I can say based on the output my friends sent to me, it appears to be
the same stuff.


At 02:01 PM 6/28/2004, you wrote:


I read the posts on the subject, but are you sure that the AccuArt2 is
same as Pictorico?

Person I spoke to at Pictorico told me quite clearly that the
manufacturer had stopped making the material on rolls and that is why
they did not have it.

Hell, don't blame a person for wanting to be certain about the nature of
the material. A roll of this stuff is not exactly cheap you know!!!


You guys didn't read the flurry of posts I started last month about
this? Tsk....

Here's the reseller's site:

Find a local distributor on the site. The new name for the stuff on a
roll is AccuArt2. It seems to be the same stuff as the Pictorico OHP.
Some friends of mine ordered some from a Colorado outlet and were
happily printing within a week.

Best wishes,

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S**t! What the hell are people going to do for larger pieces?????

I have heard rumors about this and heard that they are still making the
rolls, but that the rolls are being marketed under a different brand
name by a different company.

In a message dated 6/28/04 2:11:02 PM, writes:

I just spoke to a salesperson at Pictorico who told me that the OHP
material is no longer being made in rolls. She sounded pretty certain
about the fact but I am wondering if someone knows something to the

Sandy King

Mark Nelson
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