originator of the pigment stain test

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Date: 06/24/04-09:34:20 AM Z
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In research it first came to my attention that Mr. C Wille talked about the
gum/pigment ratio test in 1908, as he demoed it as it is chronicled in the
BJP of that year. I posted that a while ago.

After finally going thru all my gum papers out of the BJP now, more than
likely he was aware of Koster's 1904 book, Der Gummidruck, in which this
test first appears, because it was discussed in the BJP in 1906 two years
before Wille's demo.

I don't want to start a discussion on the merits of the test, just that it
is important to give credit (or blame?) where credit is due: to the
Germans, not the English :).
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