Foxlee Gum Process

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This list has been so darn quiet this week I figured I might as well post
another historical gum blurb!

     This is the oddest process, so just a point of interest that maybe
relates to nothing, or maybe something. It is the "indirect pigment image".
Sized paper, gelatin.
paper sensitized with a 2.5% pot bi.
Paper exposed.
Paper developed so nothing remains except a faint positive.
Paper is dried, and can be pigmented right away as per below, or saved for
weeks later.
To pigment: 5 parts 40% gum to 1 part glycerin to 2 parts acetic acid to
8-10 grains dry pigment.
Coat and dry the paper, leave under pressure for 30-36 hr, like under books,
and then cold water develop, no exposure. It'll automatically develop in an
Based on, get this, Foxlee's idea that the action of light set up in one
colloid is transferred to, and continued in, another which is not exposed to
light at all. (mind you, no bichromate has been supposedly washed out in
the water). Foxlee prefers to use starch as the sizing colloid, but Griffin
prefers gelatin.
Advantages: no rush to develop. Pigmented coat not printed thru so it
doesn't need to be carefully applied. Hardening from bottom up, so it is
more durable.
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