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Maybe just start doing films instead : ) ? Really though, I understand the
frustration. Just because you can remove a pole from behind somebody's
head, doesn't mean you want to do it over and over with wires, and signs
and... How about a portable back drop? Or just do like my daughter and take
pictures of feet (mostly hers). Not much to get in the way.

Although I kid you, if you are shooting digital and the pixel size for the
shots stays the same, you should be able to set up some good layer sets that
make editing quicker. It just takes a little planning. You can crop your
images after you do much of the adjustments and editing of undesired

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> On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Eric Neilsen wrote:
> > ..If the people in your shots can't or won't
> > sit still, perhaps you can convince the buildings and scenery or what
> ever
> > background there is to stay put. cut and paste with a little edge
> smoothing
> > and ...
> Yes, I will resort to that -- especially as street traffic doesn't stop --
> passing persons & whatnot get into the frame. Sometimes they make the
> picture better than I could think up, but they can also ruin it. It's
> just that (a) with hundreds or thousands or millions of pictures I don't
> want to ADD work, and (b) I'll feel much better if i learn to do it right,
> or as right as possible.
> J.
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