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Date: 06/16/04-08:57:09 PM Z
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Judy wrote:

> But the pictures seem, as near as I can tell on the computer
> monitor, to be in focus -- is that because it focussed on the previous
> attempt --or because with digital camera all is more or less in focus?

If you haven't changed it, the camera default is "continuous focus" (MENU,
then 10 down on the camera icon list). So, it is always focusing while it
is on, and pressing the shutter button halfway STOPS the focusing to expose
the shot. If you switch to "Single" focus, the focus motor stays off until
you press the shutter button halfway, at which time it "snaps" into focus
for the shot. The focus motor doesn't run again until you release the
shutter button (after, or without, taking a picture) and press it halfway
again. I leave mine on continuous focus.

>> I actually find the Canon manuals to be pretty straightforward and easy to
>> understand, though they are very densely packed. Must be the engineer in
>> me....
> I'd bet that the G5 and its manual were NOT your first digital
> camera, or if so, that you had some ancillary guidance. The manual may
> work if you have some context, I find not if not.

It is my second, but it followed so closely on the heels of the first that
it could just as well have been my first. What can I say? I've spent my
life not reading instructions and just playing with things. Digicams are
among the first items I've had to use the manual to get to know fully.
(Who am I kidding? Nowhere near fully, just usefully.)

Best regards,

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