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Date: 06/16/04-06:10:26 AM Z
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Ooops, one more:

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
  So none of these
> variables is down the drain, including Katharine's light source theory.

Since no one yet has spoken up to say that they use a photoflood bulb
and get dichromate staining, "Katharine's light source theory" is one of
the few things that's still on the table, so yes, that one is certainly
not down the drain. The fact that other people have used differeent
lights with or without dichromate staining is interesting, but has no
particular relevance to what happens with my particular light. But I
would hardly call it "Katharine's light source theory" since it's just a
hunch; I would never state it as a principle or even a theory. The
problems always arise, I think, when people start stating things as
principles that are only hunches.
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